Believing that each person is a child of God and therefore worthy of love, acceptance, and support, Lake Highlands United Methodist Church (LHUMC) provides a weekly program for young children as a part of its ministry to its congregation and evangelistic outreach to the community.


The purpose of CCDC is to provide a loving and secure environment where children can develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually in a Bible based program run by a dedicated, loving and professional staff.


Christian Childhood Development Center believes that all children are unique individuals and active learners.  Young children learn according to a developmental sequence, and each child progresses at his/her own pace.  Our curriculum is age and developmentally appropriate and will challenge the social, emotional, cognitive, language, spiritual, and physical needs of each child.  Through learning centers in the classroom, children are provided with interactive, hand-on, play based learning.

To enhance each child’s spiritual development, CCDC strives to provide an environment for the children in which an integrated approach to discovering God’s love is practiced in an atmosphere where Christ’s love if modeled throughout all aspects of the day.